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Our Approach

Our community of educators are conscious, compassionate, creative, and have a good sense of humorThese are our values we use to curate our programming:


We use intention, breathe, and movement as tools no matter the subject.  Mindfulness practices like these help us learn to be more compassionate, focused, self aware, and can calm us down when are experiencing difficult emotions.


Research shows the stress related hormone cortisol lowers significantly after just 45 minutes of art creation. Whether its visual, theatre, dance, music, or writing, art encourages creativity. It also increases brain connectivity, feelings of love, and boosts self esteem! 


Connection making fuels creative thinking and new ideas! By offering classes that combine subjects, we encourage students to shift perspective, make connections, and dive deep on whatever lights them up the most.


We encourage collaboration because when we share our gifts, we gain a sense of purpose. Learning to share in this way empowers students with sympathy, self-esteem, cultural awareness and a sense of community.